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How Divestment Watch can help you
Divestment Watch is a service to help you in your battle of the divest-from-Israel campaign. Be it on campus, in your local community, a letter to the editor or even if you just want to keep informed, Divestment Watch is here for you. We can fight the illegal campaign by ourselves or for you. That goes without saying. What we can do, however, is give you the tools you need to fight it. To accomplish this, we will:
  • Give you the background information and case material.
  • Keep you current on divestment news
  • Track campus activity
  • Sponsor an online forum so you can chat with other people fighting the campaign
  • Offer you speakers for your community and campus
In essence, our job is to help you get your job done. If there is something you need, even if it is not listed above, please contact Divestment Watch.
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