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The Divest-from-Israel movement's only success to date (other than success in generating publicity for itself) has been with the US branch of the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) which last year voted to begin examining divestment from US companies doing business with the State of Israel in 2005. As expected, anti-Israel activists have used the church's decision to lobby other mainstream churches to follow suit, offering the Presbyterian Church's decision as "proof" of their characterization of Israel and the Middle East conflict.

Since making this decision, the church has come under increasing criticism from Jewish groups with whom they had once claimed to want to form alliances, from other churches and from the media. The PCUSA vote precipitated a particularly radical group of church members to meet with leaders of Hezbollah, a group on the US government's list of terrorist organizations, in Lebanon, a particularly embarrassing (although unsurprising) result of the church making common cause with the worldwide Israel boycott movement.

While mainline churches have always been fertile ground for the Divest-from-Israel movement to ply its storyline of villainous Israelis and innocent Palestinians, other churches have pulled back from the brink having seen the result of the PCUSA decision. Men and women of good will, both inside and outside the church are working hard to seek a reversal of the decision of the Presbyterian Church. Efforts by you and other activists to keep this poisonous movement from targeting your place of worship can help turn the tide.

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