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Boycott Watch to Duke University: Don't Host Palestinian Hate Fest That Promotes Illegal Boycotts.
August 12, 2004
Summary: Boycott Watch sent a letter to the president of Duke University warning that a Palestinian Conference scheduled for the Duke Campus is not what it is promoted as.
In our ongoing effort challenging the legality of the campus based divest-from-Israel campaigns, Boycott Watch sent a letter to President Richard H. Brodhead of Duke University detailing what he needs to know about a conference scheduled at Duke.

The Palestine Solidarity Movement claims to be "organized to promote peace, justice, and human rights for the Palestinian people," yet it promotes the exact opposite for others. The PSM is planning a conference at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina October 15-17, 2004. A Boycott Watch representative attended one such conference last year at the Ohio State University, and discovered that conference promoted hate and violence toward Jews and Israelis - the opposite of what the promoters claim for themselves.

"If someone truly wants peace, then they should promote peace and well being for everyone, not just themselves. Throughout history, those who only want peace for themselves at the expense of others have all been brutal dictators, such as Stalin, Hitler, and Saddam Hussein" said Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch. "The conference at Duke is nothing more than a hate fest. The promoters claim they want peace, yet at the same time they espouse hatred of Jews and promote economic warfare against Israel by means of divestment campaigns and other boycotts. These conferences even discuss ways to intimidate companies from doing business with or in Israel; then instruct students how to lie to Israeli immigration about their intent when visiting Israel. The conference promotes illegal and unethical activities - plain and simple. Knowingly hosting such a conference is therefore unethical too.

"If Duke University holds the conference on their campus, the university may very well be an accomplice in the crimes that have been promoted in the conferences held at other campuses." Taub continued.

Boycott Watch is a consumer advocacy organization that is at the forefront of fighting illegal foreign boycotts. For more information, contact the Boycott Watch office at 216-765-2273.

Click Here to read the Boycott Watch letter to President Richard H. Brodhead of Duke University.
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