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Boycott Watch to Duke University: Do You Stand With Us, Or The Terrorists?
October 6, 2004
Summary: Duke University is planning to host a conference sponsored by a group that published a book stating support for terrorists and terrorism. Boycott Watch challenges Duke to explain why they aid those who support terrorism.
Duke University is planning to host a conference sponsored by the Palestine Solidarity Movement October 15-17, 2004. Boycott Watch has written Duke to inform them that the conference may violate US anti-boycott laws based on what our representatives saw while attending a PSM conference last year at the Ohio State University. Although Duke is ignoring the possibility of violating federal anti-boycott laws, Boycott Watch has been pressing for a federal investigation into the matter.

In the mean time, a new book has been published by the conference sponsors states "we recognize the Palestinian right to resist…via armed struggle." "Armed struggle" is the same wording used by terrorists, such as Hamas and Al-Qayda, to justify murder, including the murder of Americans. Boycott Watch believes that supporting terrorists even in words is against the Bush Doctrine, which states "You are either with us, or the terrorists," thus Duke hosting the conference is anti-American.

Boycott Watch has sent a new letter to Duke urging the university to take an immediate stance against terrorism and send a message to their students that terrorism and those who support it have no safe haven at Duke.

Boycott Watch letter to Duke:

Boycott Watch
13938A Cedar Rd Suite 253
Cleveland, Ohio 44118

October 4, 2004
Mr. John F. Burness
Senior Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations
Duke University
211 Allen - Box 90028
Durham, NC 27708-0028

Dear Vice President Burness,

Thank you for your reply to our letter regarding the illegal boycott and divestment conferences sponsored by the Palestine Solidarity Movement, the latest of which is scheduled to occur at Duke University on October 15-17, 2004. Although we may disagree on whether the federal anti-boycott laws apply to such conferences, you should be aware that Boycott Watch has called for a federal investigation into the legality of the conferences based on their support and promotion of unsanctioned foreign boycotts. By hosting the upcoming conference, Duke may be included in the investigation.

As part of our research into the International Solidarity Movement / Palestine Solidarity Movement, Boycott Watch reviewed the ISM's book entitled "Peace Under Fire" (ISBN 1-84467-501-7). On page 20 of the book, the ISM states that they "recognize the Palestinian right to resist…via armed struggle." Those are the same words used by terrorists groups such as Hamas and the PLO to justify terrorism. President Bush stated: "You are either with us or with the terrorists." Apparently, the ISM/PSM stands with the terrorists. By agreeing to host the conference, Duke would be standing with those who stand with terrorists.

By their own words, the conference sponsors are not benevolent humanitarians, but rather, people who condone terrorism. We urge you once again to join other universities, such as Rutgers, that have rejected hosting such hate conferences.

Sincerely yours,

Fred Taub,
Boycott Watch
© 2005 Divestment Watch