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Wednesday, May 31, 2005
Presbyterians: Divestment is a Costly Mistake
   Two years ago, Presbyterian Church USA leaders began a divestment of corporations doing business in Israel. Since then, thousands of writers have written millions of words on the topic. Today, a Google search with keywords (Presbyterian(s), Israel, and Divestment) produces 181,000 hits.

   Missing in the 181,000 results is an analysis of the money spent by the PCUSA creating and promoting its Israel Divestment Movement. A volunteer group of Concerned Presbyterians have studied the obvious and hidden costs of our church’s anti-Israel actions.

   One finding: “The Middle East resolutions passed by the 216th and prior General Assemblies have created a network run amuck of headquarters staff, GA committees, and outside organizations receiving PCUSA funding.” Our three page report details the major players.

   Another finding: “As the estimates show, our leadership has directed 4% of the national budget to staff, committees, and outside organizations dedicated to promoting a propaganda attack on Israel.” Four percent of the PCUSA national budget is $4 million per year.

   Our letter rhetorically asked: “Who has paid for this biased and unfounded propaganda against Israel? We have, through our contributions to per capita and special offerings.” Contributions from churches to the denominational offices are voluntary.

   Our analysis has been emailed to over 11,000 Presbyterians. While the number is large, it is but 5% of the membership. We are asking for your help to reach the other 95%. As we wrote in our letter to fellow members: “Presbyterians, neither the Israeli Government nor the American Jewish Community can stop this assault on Israel. It is our problem – and our responsibility.” Presbyterians need to contact their commissioners before General Assembly begins June 15.

   The actions detailed in our analysis have been reported by many writers. For the first time, the actions have been put into one document with their associated cost.

   Thank you for your consideration and help to End Israel Divestment Now.

Larry Rued
One of the Concerned Presbyterians
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