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Friday, June 19, 2008
UNICEF Starves Children In Support of Anti-Semitism.
The Arab boycott of Israel is now being used to starve children to death.

ABC News posted a story by Reuters that UNICEF, the United Nations International Children's Fund, announced that it will not accept donations from a Jewish billionaire strictly because he donates money to Israel, and specifically because that donor gives money in support of Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria, the land the media likes to call the West Bank, in order to assist the resident of those towns to defend against terrorism. Yes, UNICEF is against the right of Jews to defend them selves against Palestinian terrorism.

If you are shocked by the story, you are about forty years behind in the news since UNICEF has a long history anti-Semitism, and specifically denying any aid to Jews. As my good friend Debbie Schlussel stated, and I paraphrase, "why someone like Leviev would even gave money to the anti-Semitic UNICEF in the first place is questionable, especially when he supports Israel and UNICEF, is clearly anti-Semitic, as is the rest of the United Nations."

Lev Leviev's New York City jewelry store has been the target of Palestinian protesters for the last two years or so strictly because he wants to make sure Israelis who live anywhere do not become the subjects of Palestinian terrorism. Meanwhile, the Palestinians scream "apartheid" while it is in fact the Palestinians and other Arabs who refuse to allow Jews to live anywhere they do, subject to death.

On the other hand, many Arabs live peacefully throughout Israel. The Israeli-Arabs, as they are sometimes called, not only have voting rights in Israel, but some are even members of Israel's Knesset, its seat of government - a sharp contrast to the fact that Jews who have made a wrong turn while driving have been murdered on the spot by Palestinians.

The Arab-Israeli conflict simply boils down to the fact that the Arabs have more than 98% of the Middle East and don't want Israel or any Jews for that matter to live anywhere in the world they live, as also evidenced by the anti-Semitic riots in France. The Arab boycott of Israel is the root of the only existing apartheid in the world, the Apartheid by Arabs against Jews.

In fact, the Arab boycott of Jews in the Middle East started in 1921, about 27 years before Israel was officially formed as a modern state. The protests in NYC are just an extension of the Arab boycott of Israel, which is illegal under US Antiboycott laws. The UN and UNICEF only get away with their actions because the UN building, thus actions within it are covered under diplomatic immunity.

Regardless, UNICEF's boycott of money from Leviev is a statement that the UN and UNICEF would rather starve children to death than take a penny from a Jew who supports Israel and its right to defend against terrorism, let alone to live in peace. Remember that when someone comes to your door raising money for UNICEF and its support for terrorists.
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