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Monday, June 23, 2008
Syria's Removal of Boycott Declaration From Patent Applications is Meaningless.
The Arab boycott of Israel may be gearing up for a new push

Ag-Ip-News, a news arm of an accounting conglomerate in the Arab world, reported that Syria will no longer require first time patent applicants to submit a declaration of compliance with the Arab boycott of Israel.

The fact is that Syrian patents exclude protection of intellectual property from Israel anyhow, not to mention the fact that Israeli goods are forbidden in Syria anyhow, so any requirement for a declaration of compliance with the Arab boycott of Israel is meaningless anyhow.

Syria hosts the Central Boycott Office, the arm of the Arab League which enforces the Arab boycott of Israel. In fact, the Arab League was created specifically to run the Arab boycott of Israel, which was created as a boycott of Jewish interests in the region in 1921, which is 27 years before Israel was created.

Regardless, there no date for enacting the new rule was established, so not only was this new rule meaningless, it is essentially non-existent. What this does show, however, is that the Central Boycott Office is busy and probably expects to get busier, as evidenced by plans to remove the enforcement of meaningless declarations that don't enhance their boycott. In other words, the CBO is being streamlined, which should raise alarm bells for international commerce.
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