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Divestment Watch respects your privacy. If you submit information using the online form, we will only publish your email if you give us permission to post it using the check-box. We ask for your address for demographic information only. We request a phone number in case we feel a phone call is merited, but we never publish it. If we publish a letter, we will include your name and town at the bottom of the letter unless you request us not to, in which case we will either discard the letter or publish it letting people know your name was withheld by request. We will not, however, publish any letter that arrives unsigned - If you do not have enough conviction to sign it, it's not worth reading.

By sending Divestment Watch email directly and without using the online form, you give Divestment Watch the right to publish or use any part or all of the letter or information submitted to us without reservation.
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