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These essays originally appeared on the Web site www.somervilleMEjustice.com, a site created during the successful battle against a divest-from-Israel campaign that attempted to make the Massachusetts city of Somerville call for divestment from the Jewish state.

These essays are designed to take on the most frequent arguments of the divest-from-Israel campaigns and have been edited to make them more suitable for general use in other communities.

Anti-Israel activists in the US must tread more carefully than their Middle East colleagues in calling for direct boycotts of Israel due to US anti-boycott law and America's general support for the Jewish state. Thus, calls to divest from Israel must be dressed up in human-rights vocabulary, and "sold" as a means to "level the playing field" among universities, cities, churches and other institutions that may have investments that benefit the Israel, but no similar investments in the Palestinian territories. This article, MONEY, helps to demolish this argument by putting US investment into the proper perspective...Click Here for More

Those calling for divestment or boycotts of Israel are following what they call an "apartheid strategy," modeling their activity on the anti-apartheid activism of the 1980s in order to isolate Israel internationally and economically. The gross hypocrisy of a movement allied with far greater human rights abuses than even the Apartheid regime of South Africa is exposed in this essay, APARTHEID...Click Here for More

Israel's foes like to portray themselves as small, powerless "voices in the wilderness" in contrast to an imaginary vast, interconnected power structure of Jewish interests standing in their way. This article, POWER, helps set the record straight as to the real power relationship between Israel's detractors and its supporters...Click Here for More

One of the talents of anti-Israel activists is their ability to paint elaborate, emotional pictures of the suffering of Palestinians, completely divorced from the violence and visited upon Israelis and how Palestinian militantism has led to the suffering in both communities. Most pro-Israel activists shy away from similar cynical uses of human suffering to push a political agenda. This article, VIOLENCE, pulls no punches regarding the cost to Israel of the current round in the Arab struggle to destroy the Jewish state, yet also puts the issue into the context of America's own struggle to raise children free from the glorification of violence...Click here for More
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