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Everything needs a legal disclaimer these days, so here is ours:

All material on this site is copyright Divestment Watch, Boycott Watch or its respective author, and all rights are reserved unless otherwise specified. Copyright material may not be used without permission.

Divestment Watch is a subsidiary of Boycott Watch. We do not authorize, nor call for, nor promote boycotts any boycotts in any way, shape or form. We verify and in some cases correct information pertaining to boycotts, and post the information so people can make their own decisions.

We do not speak for the integrity of any party in any boycott. Rather we look at the information available to us. We act as a watchdog group looking at those who call for boycotts and is in no way associated with any boycotts other than our research and posting the results.

We are also not offering legal advice or claiming to be or acting as attorneys. Any and all mentions of legal claims or determinations on our part are the opinion of the author. We do not act as attorneys nor do we claim to be attorneys. Contact your attorney before using any legal claims found on either the Boycott Watch or Divestment Watch websites
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