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Reports on countries adhering to
the Arab boycott of Israel

In order to implement the Arab boycott of Israel, Syria has established rules to simplify the importing process for clearing goods including:

Establishing a list of goods that are pre-qualified for import because the product is not Israeli Requiring direct import to avoid re-importing to avoid Israeli goods entering from third-party countries Requirement of documentation the establishment of the imported product id not from Israel.

Documentation requires positive establishment of the products origin and is meant to avoid asking specifically if the products are made in Israel, thus working around the US anti-boycott laws.

Syrian Trade and Boycott Compliance Regulations:

Imports from Israel and most goods not on the permitted list, with certain exceptions, are prohibited. In principle, imports must be made directly from the country of origin, without the intervention of any foreign firm. All imports, except those valued at less than £S2, 000 (£S 500 for imports from Lebanon) require import licenses before the shipping date.

Two copies of a commercial invoice in English are required. The consulate retains one copy when the documents are submitted for legalization. The origin of goods must be specified. The invoice must be notarized and then certified by the appropriate chamber of commerce. The invoice must be in the name of the importer in Syria.

Persons holding passports containing a visa for Israel will be refused entry.
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