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Fighting the divest-from-Israel campaign is a challenge. We recognize that there is a lot to know and study just to keep current which is time consuming. We also know that having an expert in this matter on-site can be helpful in your efforts, and we are here to help you. A Divestment Watch representative can visit your community, campus or municipality to help you. We can speak to your community organization, on campus and present the case against divestment to your city administrators and answer questions.
Fred Taub
Fred Taub, the founder and President of Divestment Watch, created the legal challenges to the divest-from-Israel campaign and is leading the fight to close down the conferences on the basis of the illegal nature of the conferences. Fred Taub has written and filed complaints to the US Government to shut-down the conferences and his work has led to a letter from Congress to the Department of Commerce. Topics include:
  • The divest-from-Israel campaign and US law
  • Divestment as economic warfare
  • How the divest-from-Israel campaign effects the US
Ken Sachs
Ken Sachs is a 26 year old Israeli originally from New Jersey. From 2000-2002, he served in the Israeli Defense Forces reconnaissance unit, rising to the rank of sergeant. After army service he worked in security for the Ministry of Education and played semi-professional basketball. During his first reserve duty in May 2003, Sergeant Ken Sachs was stationed at a base in Gaza that he was familiar with from his previous army service. On June 8, after hearing gunfire, three terrorists dressed in IDF uniforms infiltrated the base. They killed four soldiers and injured four other soldiers, including Ken, managing to shoot him three times in the leg. Topics include:
  • An American who Fought in the Israeli Army
  • My Story as an American Victim of Arab Terrorism
  • The Day I was Shot 3 Times With an AK-47
  • Divestment and its price to me personally
For more information or to request a speaker, contact Divestment Watch.
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